For those, who have missed both finals, here the game videos in full lenght:

Lekrings - RTU/Inspecta

Rubene - RSU/Runway 1. half
Rubene - RSU/Runway 2. half


Lekrings (category men) and Rubene (women) are the new Latvian Open 2011 champions! Lekrings added their 4th Latvian Open title to their Latvian Open success story, Rubene got its third title!


We're happy to announce, that in cooperation with Gutta, every Latvian Open team during the games will be provided with drinking water!


Latvian Open 2011 will be played in 3 different categories - men, women and veterans. 25 mean teams will create 5 groups, 15 women teams 3 groups and 8 veteran teams 2 groups of 4 teams each.


During Latvian Open, Latvian Floorball Union is organizing coaching and refereeing seminars with lectors from Latvia, Sweden and Finland. Coaching seminars will include following themes: Sports psyhology, leadership, floorball techniques, tactics, match analysis etc. Lecturers - Emil Persson, Stefan Hedlund, Anwar Samuelsson from Swedish Floorball Federation and sports psychologist Lāsma Lapiņa from Latvia. Referee seminar lecturers: Lauri Oksanen from Finland (IFF referee observer) and Lāsma Lapsiņa. Seminar language - english.


Remember, you can still register your team for Latvian Open 2011 till 7th of August! In cooperation with Latvian  floorball union (LFS), during the tournament coaching and referee seminar will be held in Valmiera - lectors from Sweden and Finland!


Latvian Open 2011 continues to grow! This year also seniors can be a part of Latvian Open 2011! Games will be played from 20th to 21st of August. More info under "rules".