The last match of "Latvian Open 2015" was Men's category final between two Latvian teams - "Bauska" and "Valmiera/ViA". Team from Valmiera used their home court advantage, beat "Bauska" (4:2) and celebrated their first "Latvian Open" title. In the 3rd place game "Rubene" outlasted "Ķekavas Bulldogs" in a very close match (2:1).


"NT2-ISKRA" from Russia won "Latvian Open 2015" Women's category. In the final they beat Latvian Champions "Rubene" (4:2). "Ķekava" (Latvia) claimed 3rd place by beating "NND" (Latvia) with final score 4:2.


"Storvreta IBK" from Sweden won "Latvian Open" Men's Elite category title beating "SC Classic" from Finland in the final (6:5). In the 3rd place match Latvian Champions "Lekrings" beat "UHC Uster" from Switzerland 8:5.


"Latvian Open 2015" Men's category All Star Team is selected.


Goalkeeper: Reinis Kirilko ("Bauska")
Defenders:  Ivo Balodis ("Valmiera/ViA"), Matīss Mālnieks ("Rubene")
Forwards: Mārtiņš Broks ("Valmiera/Via"), Rolands Kovaļevskis ("Bauska"), Gints Klēģers ("Ķekavas Bulldogs")


"Latvian Open 2015" Women's category All Star Team is selected.


Goalkeeper: Jana Beletskaya ("NT2-ISKRA")
Defenders: Anna Venchakova ("NT2-ISKRA"), Juta Muravska ("Rubene")
Forwards: Paula Egle ("Rubene"), Ieva Jurkāne ("Ķekava"), Ekaterina Pushkina ("NT2-ISKRA")


"Latvian Open 2015" Men's Elite All Star Team is selected.


Goalkeeper: Viktor Klintsten ("Storvreta IBK")
Defenders: Robin Nilsberth ("Storvreta IBK"), Nico Salo ("SC Classic")
Forwards: Alexander Rudd ("Storvreta IBK"), Jimmie Pettersson ("Storvreta IBK"), Lassi Vanttinen ("SC Classic")


9th International Floorball Tournament "Latvian Open" has begun in Valmiera and Koceni. 29 teams from 7 countries will compete in 3 categories - Men's Elite (4 teams), Men's (17 teams), Women's (8 teams). Clubs from Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia and Belarus will be represented in this year's event.


"Latvian Open" - high quality!


Of course, your tournament is at high quality, that's why we come to your tournament, not to the other ones. It's very good to have possibility to play against other floorball cultures. Also the accommodation was nice.


Sveiki, Organizers of "Latvian Open!"


It was a great pleasure to participate in the "Latvian Open 2014". We had tough games and big emotions in the Elite group. It was a special honour for us to play against very strong teams from Finland and Latvia in Valmiera!


Very many thanks for inviting us to "Latvian Open 2014"!


Tournament was very nice and very well organized event.
The food was especially delicious and the foodservice worked efficiently, many thanks for them too!
And special thanks for helping us, when we needed to get one injured person to the local hospital.


Let's hope that we will see you next year in "Latvia Open 2015"!


Tomi Nurminen,
"SalBa Ry"