2010-05-21 20:20:24

For the first time in the short history of the tournament Latvian Open, without the customary tournament games there will be possibility to verify one’s strength in penalty shootout contest. In cooperation with the official Exel distributor -  Lino.Lv , we have created "Exel Shootout" – contest for the best penalty shooters!



Exel shootout is team contest. There are three field players and a goalkeeper in the team needed. All the Exel shootout team participants must represent one and the same Latvian Open team. Participation in Exel shootout must be approved by sending the team list for the Latvian Open tournament, separately indicating team list for the Exel shootout. Number of  teams for the Exel shootout is limited – 16! Participation is for free. Sorry ladies, in the debut time this year the contest is only for men.


Exel shootout teams will be divided in pairs by raffle. Pairs will be raffled briefly before the tournament. Participants of the teams will do one penalty shot each. Realized shot and also saved shot of the opponent team will give team one point. Team that will gain the most points after three penalty shots will qualify for the next round, but the losers will dissolve the game. For example: if all the members of the team score and their goalkeeper saves all the shots, the team gets six points and qualifies for the next round. In the tie the teams continue play till the sudden death. The team that had the last shot, continues the prolonged run.

During the first two days of the tournament at 19.00 two semi-finals will be played, and during the last day of Latvian Open tournament before the women’s finals, the quarter-final, semi-final and final will be played.

Exel shootout schedule:

Friday, qualification

19.00 A-B

19.15 C-D

19.30 E-F

19.45 G-H

Saturday, qualification

19.00 J-K

19.15 L-M

19.30 N-O

19.45 P-R



A/B – J/K

C/D – L/M

E/F – N/O

G/H – P/R


A/B/J/K – E/F/N/M



A/B/J/K/E/F/N/M - C/D/L/M/G/H/P/R



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janka @ 06.06.2010 - 21:30

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