2010-08-22 21:07:58 | comments (9)

Lekrings is the tripple Latvian Open champion! The match between tough ĶEKAVA and LEKRINGS was decided by last second goal by Martins Rajeckis. Bronze goes to finnish Loviisa! In ladies division local Rubene got the title. RSU/Runway second and the third place cup goes to Estonia - EMU SK.

2010-08-19 13:31:57 | comments (0)
2010-08-19 12:34:06 | comments (0)

Unfortunately A group team Madona can't take part in tournament. The team will be replaced by Latvian elite team "Lielvārde". Game schedule stays the same. Complete game schedule for dowmload HERE.

2010-08-18 23:36:25 | comments (0)

For our guests we recommend to choose Latvian Open 2010 official taxi if needed. The phone number - 80000221. Payment - cash or credit card!

2010-08-18 08:44:32 | comments (1)

Official EXEL, CANADIEN and PRECISION representative in Baltics - SIA LIN0 offers 15% discount on all new season's products as well as 50% discount on last season's stuff during the tournament. You're welcome in our shops in both arenas during tournament.

2010-08-17 13:24:33 | comments (3)

Between championship’s games all Latvian Open 2010 participants are invited to visit local Valmiermuiža’s brewery. During the visit, you will have the chance to find out how the beer is made and how to taste beer in the best way.

2010-08-15 22:39:20 | comments (7)

Download the game schedule HERE 

2010-08-14 14:48:59 | comments (6)

Latvian Open 2010 groups are known! Game schedule coming in short. Provisional team game schedule can be requested writing us on info[at]latvianopen.com. Tournament start on friday at 11.00.

2010-08-09 19:17:31 | comments (0)

Teams, who are arriving on thursday, have a chance to make pre tournament warm up practice at Koceni sports centre - Latvian Open second arena. 1 hour price - 10 Lats.

2010-08-01 15:23:38 | comments (2)

Remind, that 10th of August is the last day to send the players list and the confirmed "Participation form for international Elite Club tournament". Also remind, you can still register for "EXEL" shootout. Six teams already confirmed their participation. List of them you'll find under "EXEL SO". Only 16 teams will have the chance to take part!

2010-07-03 13:07:22 | comments (4)

For the first time in tournaments 4 year history, Latvian Open 2010 will be played on 3 fields, which means, we can welcome 40 teams this year! The limit for men - 25 teams, ladies - 15 teams. At the moment there are 10 free places for men and only two for women teams! Registration deadline - 10th of August!

2010-06-24 23:54:13 | comments (3)

Due to the big interest from the women floorball teams, we've decided to cancell 10 team limit for the tournament - we have still space for everybody! Already nine teams from five different countries have registered Latvian Open 2010! Remember, till 1st of July you can still register your team for lower price!

2010-06-10 20:30:38 | comments (0)

Due to the big interest from teams, we have decided to extend the registration for 199,- EUR till 1st of July. Use the time to take the right decision and join us here in Valmiera&Kocēni! Everybody's welcome!

2010-05-21 20:20:24 | comments (1)

For the first time in the short history of the tournament Latvian Open, without the customary tournament games there will be possibility to verify one’s strength in penalty shootout contest. In cooperation with the official Exel distributor -  Lino.Lv , we have created "Exel Shootout" – contest for the best penalty shooters!

2010-01-13 18:59:38 | comments (0)

Good news for all facebook.com users. Also Latvian Open has joined the facebook.com community. All tournament news you can find now also on "Latvian Open floorball tournament" facebook site HERE! Everybody's welcome to join the group.

2009-09-19 12:43:10 | comments (0)

Here you can read some of the feedbacks in different languages from this years participants.

2009-09-14 23:20:25 | comments (0)

The fourth summer floorball tournament LATVIAN OPEN 2010 will be held in Valmiera (Vidzemes olympic centre) and Koceni from 20th - 22nd of August!

Get ready for the challange! 

2009-09-14 23:16:57 | comments (0)

From 11.-13. of September in Valmiera, Vidzemes olympic centre (the same arena as for Latvian Open) a 4 nations tournament was played. World floorball superstars as Tero Tiitu, Juha Kivilehto, Esa Jussila, Matthias and Christoph Hofbauer, Emanuel Antener, Ketil Kronberg was only a little part of the guests here in Valmiera.

2009-08-23 21:22:34 | comments (7)

3rd international floorball tournament Latvian Open 2009 champions are LINO.LV (men) and RUBENE (women)! Congratulations!

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