2010-08-01 15:23:38

Remind, that 10th of August is the last day to send the players list and the confirmed "Participation form for international Elite Club tournament". Also remind, you can still register for "EXEL" shootout. Six teams already confirmed their participation. List of them you'll find under "EXEL SO". Only 16 teams will have the chance to take part!

Latvian Open registration form you will find here

Participation form for international Elite Club tournemant you can download here. Why it's needed? Read abouth this on IFF homepage here

Teams, which do not have sent the forms:  FC Uragan, Puuhapussi, Saku Fortuna (both teams), FC Voenmech, Greasers FBC, Taifun, Eesti Maaulikooli Spordiklubi (both teams), Uzkeiktieji Vienuouliai, LUKS Grzes Hrubieszow, Jogeva Tahe, Smart (Ladies), Saint Petersburg United FC (Ladies), SBS Wirmo (Ladies)

All forms need to be sent to info[at]latvianopen.com


Kad būs kalendārs??? Par kādu organizāciju
mēs maksājam?
:((( @ 14.08.2010 - 11:36

Kad būs grupas un kalendārs?
yp! @ 13.08.2010 - 08:54

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